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​Time Recalculation Process

Every inmate who is released from incarceration to parole supervision in the community in Pennsylvania is given a form to sign. This form is a list of parole supervision conditions each person MUST follow while on parole in the community. When a person does not follow these conditions, they may be classed as either a technical parole violator or a convicted parole violator.

A technical parole violator (TPV) is a person who violates parole terms and conditions, other than a new misdemeanor, felony conviction, or certain summary offenses. Examples of TPVs include: missed curfew, being unsuccessfully discharged from a CCC or CCF, leaving the district without permission, failing to report as instructed, etc.

A convicted parole violator (CPV) is a parolee who violates parole by being convicted of a new crime in a court of record that is punishable by imprisonment while on parole. It is the CPV status of a person and the following time calculation adjustments to a person’s sentence that can be confusing and difficult to understand.

CPVs are not entitled to credit for time at liberty on parole; however, the Parole Board has discretion to award credit unless the new criminal offense is one of those specified in 6138(a)(2.1).

TPVs shall be given credit for the time served on parole, but with no credit for delinquent time.