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Pursuant to the Prisons and Parole Code, which grants the Pennsylvania Parole Board (Board) its legal authority, the Board can:
  • Make parole decisions and supervise offenders with a maximum sentence of two years or more
  • Accept certain special probation cases by order of court
  • Provide all probation services in certain counties
  • Revoke parole of technical violators and convicted parole violators
  • Participate in the Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision and supervision of parolees referred to Pennsylvania from other states
The Pennsylvania Parole Board’s regulations, including the presumptive ranges for backtime for convicted and technical parole violators: Board Regulations
The most often asked questions made to the Board regarding the location of various legal documents may be found at the following websites:
The Common Pleas Court docket information: County Common Pleas Court Docket