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Home Plan Status

Developing a home plan that can be approved is the responsibility of the incarcerated person. Proposed home plans must start with the inmate at the SCI where he/she is incarcerated. Inmates need to work with the Department of Corrections’ (DOC) parole institutional staff to start this process. Parole supervision staff in the community investigate and approve/disapprove of the home plan. The entire home plan process is under the administration of the Department of Corrections (DOC – not the Parole Board. Any questions about the home plan status need to be asked to parole supervision staff. The parole agent who conducted the home plan provides contact information when the home plan is investigated. This person should be contacted for home plan status updates.

Please Note: A home plan proposal may be submitted by DOC institutional parole staff to parole staff in the field for their investigation after a person has had his/her interview/hearing with the Parole Board decision makers. This is a preliminary investigation and is part of the parole process. Submission of a home plan does NOT guarantee the person is going to be paroled. For various reasons, home plan investigations may take up to 30-45 days to complete for an in-state (Pennsylvania) home plan. SCI parole agents are trying to be proactive by doing this before an official Parole Board decision is made to assist with the release process on decisions granting parole. Having an approved home plan helps to decrease an individual’s SCI release processing time IF a Board Action that grants parole is issued.