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Learn Parole Interview Date

Parole interview preparation starts approximately eight (8) months prior to an individual’s minimum (MIN) sentence date. Institutional parole staff will contact each eligible inmate approximately five (5) months prior to the MIN date to do a pre-interview. Institutional parole staff will ask each person questions in order to make sure the parole file is complete prior to the interview with the Board Member or Hearing Examiner.* This pre-interview requires the inmate to provide his or her written version of the circumstances of the offense, what happened and why.

Four (4) months prior to the MIN date or three (3) months before becoming eligible for re-parole, the inmate is placed on the next available docket (the Board’s schedule of interviews each month). Institutional parole staff will let the inmate know the month and year the interview is to be held. Institutional parole staff will remain in contact with the inmate to let him/her know when the interview is scheduled.

Parole interviews are held with one or more members of the parole staff face to face with the inmate in the room. Usually this will consist of one Board Member or Hearing Examiner. A second person, usually a Board Member, will be video-linked to the interview if the inmate was convicted of a violent crime.

*The Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole (Board) consists of nine members. The Board may make parole and revocation decisions by a majority of the Board or in panels of two persons. Panels consist of one Board Member and one Hearing Examiner or two Board Members. A Hearing Examiner is also a decision maker empowered to sit on parole revocation panels, conduct parole hearings in lieu of panels and conduct parole interviews on behalf of the Board.