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The Process

The inmate submits a completed home plan form on where they want to live during parole supervision in the community to the institutional parole agent at the SCI. This paperwork is then sent to the parole field office in the community to conduct the proposed home plan investigation. The parole agent will either call the home and talk with the proposed home provider to arrange a meeting within the home to do the review OR will leave a message and request the person call him/her back to set up a meeting date and time. The parole agent may also go to the home and leave his/her business card and a copy of a home plan brochure at the residence and request a return call so the parole agent may conduct the interview.


Home plan investigations typically take up to 45 days to complete for an in-state (Pennsylvania) home plan. An in-state home plan is valid for 150 days. An out-of-state home plan is valid for 120 days.

If a home plan request is denied, the reasons for the denial are not given to the inmate or to any family member or friend of the inmate.

The inmate is informed of the results of the home plan investigation FIRST by the parole institutional staff. Family members and friends of the inmate need to contact the inmate FIRST to learn the results of the home plan, not the Board of Probation and Parole.

If the home plan is denied, the inmate may give institutional parole staff another proposed place to live so it can be investigated. The forms needed for all home plan investigations are available at each institution.

Parole supervision staff will conduct visits to the residence after the person is paroled to the approved home plan. Such visits may occur unannounced and at any time. During such visits, parole staff have the authority to conduct searches to make sure parole conditions are being followed.

NO weapons are permitted in the home.

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