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​Board Action Copies

Parole Eligibility

Every inmate eligible for parole is interviewed approximately 4 months prior to the inmate’s minimum (MIN) sentence date or 3 months prior to when the inmate become eligible for re-parole. If the inmate is within 4 months of, or past, the MIN date when they arrive at prison, the inmate will be placed on the next available schedule of monthly interviews.

Length of Time

The initial parole and re-parole Board Actions generally take 6 weeks to process from the date of interview. Recommitment Board Actions generally take 12 weeks from the hearing date (or the waiver date).

If 3 months have gone by since the date of the inmate’s parole interview or recommitment hearing (or waiver date), THE INMATE NEEDS TO CHECK DIRECTLY WITH HIS/HER INSTITUTIONAL PAROLE AGENT. Inmates SHOULD NOT have a family member, friend or attorney call the Central Office of the Board of Probation and Parole to obtain a copy on his/her behalf.

Copies for Family Members, Friends and Attorneys

AFTER the inmate has received his/her Board Action from the institutional parole agent first, family members, friends and attorneys who also wish to obtain a copy may use the CONTACT US icon at the bottom of this web page to submit your request.

When making the request, include this information about the inmate to obtain a Board Action:
• Institution Number
• Parole Number
• Inmate Name
• List the Board Actions needed by date

Additional Information

The MIN sentence date is NOT the parole release date. The MIN sentence date represents the minimum amount of time a person must be incarcerated under the Department of Correction’s (DOC) control. An inmate becomes ELIGIBLE for parole release after they have served their MIN sentence.

If an inmate receives a Board Action that grants parole, this triggers numerous other events that must take place before the inmate is released on parole. He/she is not immediately released if granted parole.