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Juvenile Lifer Statistics as of September 30, 2020

​Total Juvenile Lifer Population*​521
​Pending Resentencing57
​Deceased Prior to Release​4
​Deceased After Release​4
​Granted Parole2​240
​Refused Parole2​100
​Parole Rate70%
​Refuse Rate29%
​Recommit as TPV34
​Recommit as CPV3​1

*This total was previously 523. One juvenile lifer was incorrectly listed twice. The second juvenile lifer is no longer classified as such based on a verified birth certificate.

1Number of juvenile lifers identified as resentenced regardless of whether they are in the process of appealing the decision.

2Number of Board Actions received by juvenile lifers granting or denying parole.

3Number of TPV and CPV recommit Board Actions or case closure codes received by juvenile lifers.